Unit 1: Developing Web Products Level: 2

When your attention is captured by a web page advertising a competition, promoting an event or launching a new product, what makes you stop and look? Don’t be fooled by technical wizardry. It may have spectacular images, eye-catching animation or attentiongrabbing text, but what makes it effective is the way the components work together. This unit aims to give you the knowledge and skills you need to produce attention grabbing web products using web authoring software, multimedia assets and navigation features. You will demonstrate your ability to design, build and test a web product in a practical computer-based examination set by Pearson. Recommended prior learning This unit builds on the knowledge and skills developed by the Key Stage 3 programme of study for ICT

1.1 Audience and purpose

A web product is a self-contained and designed product which is viewed in a browser and hosted on the web or on an intranet. It may be linked from a parent website and include visual links such as a logo, which make users aware of this.
You need to know that the key to producing a successful web product is to be clear about its purpose from the outset.

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Client briefs and the project lifecycle

The starting point is likely to be a client brief so you need to know what this typically includes:

  • information about the client
  • information about the target audience and purpose of the web product
  • technical information about product, e.g. an overview of the:
    • site structure
    • functionality
    • content
    • design.

You need to know how to translate this brief into a project by following the project lifecycle.

Site structure

The first design step is to establish an overall structure for the web product – what pages are needed and how
they are related. A client brief may specify some or all aspects of the required structure.

You need to know how to make use of a structure chart to give an overview of the hierarchy of a product. Although the main pages of a product are usually accessible via a navigation bar on every page, users will need to ‘drill down’ to find more detailed information. This is often achieved by links within the body of a main page.

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