Some students have formed a band and have played several local gigs. A promoter has noticed their talent and has invited them to a recording studio to make a demo.

They are on the 'road to fame' but they need some help from you.

They have asked you to create a website to promote the band.

The aim of the website is to get everyone talking about the band and its music. It needs to showcase:

  • the members of the band
  • the demo
  • future gigs.

The website should have three pages, a home page and three other linked pages.

You will produce:

  • designs
  • a website in response to the scenario
  • a review of your work.



You need to ensure you save all the work you do in the correct folders.

Create a main folder called DA101SPB that contains these two subfolders:

  • PRODUCTS – your final website must be saved here
  • EVIDENCE – all other evidence must be saved here.

Assets table

You must keep careful records of all sources you use to gather assets.

Create an assets table that includes the following:

  • a description of each asset
  • where you found it
  • details of any permission required to use it
  • details of how you have prepared the asset
  • where the asset is used in the website.

Keep your assets table up to date throughout the project.

Test Buddy and End-of-Project Reviewers

You should have a test buddy who will give you useful feedback on your work during the project. You should be a test buddy for someone else and comment on their work.

You should gather and respond to feedback on your work as you develop the website.

All feedback should include:

  • what is good about the work
  • what could be improved.

End-of-project reviewers will give you feedback on the finished website.


You must come up with ideas for the website.

You need to think about the band’s style of music when designing the web pages. Your design ideas need to include the name of the band.

Produce designs that show:

  • the content for each page
  • the layout of the assets for each page
  • other design features, e.g. colours, fonts.

You should annotate your designs to explain your ideas.

Discuss your designs with your teacher and get their approval before you continue.


You need to gather and prepare the assets for your web pages.

Assets must include:

  • images of the band
  • an audio track from the demo
  • dates and venues of future gigs.

You should also prepare other assets shown in your designs.

Show how you have prepared your assets and update your assets table.


You should now create the three pages for your website. Use your designs to help you.

Build your web pages and make sure:

  • navigation features are clear
  • text and images are suitable
  • pages are consistent
  • pages are appropriate for the target audience and purpose.

You should also include the other assets that you have prepared.

Ask your test buddy to view your pages and give you feedback.

Save the pages of your website. The home page should be saved as index.html.


You should now create your website.

Make sure that your website includes:

  • navigation that links the three web pages together
  • a video or screen recording of hints and tips for using a specific app
  • an external link to a website that the user can use to download apps.

Test your website as you develop it to make sure it works as intended.

Save your finished website.


You must carry out a review of your finished website.

Ask your end-of-project reviewer to provide feedback on your final website.

Produce a review of your final website that includes:

  • comments on strengths and areas for improvement
  • feedback from your end-of-project reviewer
  • suggestions for improvement.


Make sure you have all the evidence you need in your PRODUCTS and EVIDENCE folders.

This is the evidence you should include:

  • PRODUCTS folder – final website
  • EVIDENCE folder – designs, assets table and evidence of preparation, review.

The CiDA/DiDA Moderator's Toolkit specifies the file types that all moderators can view. It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that their product and evidence only includes files in the listed formats.

Make sure that your website is saved as .html files.

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