Making a drop down selection

You need to include this process in your own database so that you can get the higher mark band marks.

Adding a linked table

Here is an example database that I will use to illustrate this process. As you can see there are 14 useful questions that have been written by the candidate. Some are text questions and some are yes/no quesrtions. There are no selection questions where the user can select from a a list of possible answers.

I am going to change the fifth question "Where did you see/hear an advertisement?" in to a selection question.

The first step is to make a new table by clicking on "Create" and then "Table".

This is the new table, identical to the table that you made earlier, before you added the additional fields.

Click on "View" to see the table in design view.

Give the table a suitable name; I have chosen "Information".

Change the data type of the "ID" field from "Autonumber" to "Short text".

Change the name of the ID field from "ID" to something that matches the table name; I have chosen "Information".

Click on "Datasheet view".

Now add the data that forms the list of acceptable answers.

Open your main data table (in this case called "Answers") in Design View and select the field that you are going to link to the table that you have just made.

Select the "Lookup" option.

In this instance tha candidate has included a list of acceptable values in the row source property. This is fine for most situations but the examiner is looking for a linked table.

Change the Row source type property to be "Table/Query".

In the Sow source property select the table that you have just made.

make sure that the Limit to list property is set to "Yes".

Switch back to Datasheet view (saving the changes as you do so) and test that the drop-down works as intended.

Now you have a working drop-down that works and it meets the examiner's requirement for a linked table.

There is another benefit, simply add another row to the linked table and you add another option to the drop-down; there is no need to edit the tables again.



Making use of css

Your website needs to be well-made and soundly constructed and should make use of css files. A "Cascading Style Sheet" (CSS) is a document that stores all of the formatting information for your web pages. Any page in your site should have access to this information which means that all of the pages are consistently styled (which contributes to your mark) and can be changed easily (which contributes to your mark through feedback and response).

Checking your files in Dreamweaver.

If you open one of your web pages in Dreaweaver and then look at the code, if you have any pink writing then you have made a slight mistale and have included the css in the document itself. This can be corrected through these simple steps.

This is an example web page in design view, it is neither finished nor good quality but it illustrates the point regarding css files.

This is the code in "code" view. You can cldesarly see the pink writing. This the srtyle information that is applied to this page. If I change tghe styler of the page then only this page will change; I would have to makle the same change in every page if my site were to be consistent with the same colour scheme and layout on all pages.

The style information needs to be cut from the web page and added to a css file. So select all of the style information; it starts with <style type="text/css">

... and ends with </style>

Select all of this style information and choose "cut" from the "edit" menu.

Now make a new document using "File" and then "New".

Select the "HTML" file type and choose the layout "<none>".

In coide view select all the text in the new document and delete it. Make sure that you are deleting the text in the new document and not your own web page. (The filename should be something like "unititled" if it is a new document.

Paste in all the text that you cut out. There should be pink and blue writing as well as the usual black text.

Save this file in the same folder as all your other web files, as the name of your site and the file extension that you have to add is .css

My site is feline friends so the file name is feline_friends.css (remember that the intgernet does not like spaces so use underscore to join words together.

This is the saved file; you can see it in the file list.

When you go back to your web page from which you removed the css there is no longer any layout or style associatged with the web page. As a result it will look something like this, a series of boxes containing the text that you have written.

Now, make sure that you can see the available css files by double clicking on "CSS STYLES" and the "All"

You can now click on the chain link to attach a style sheet back to the page.

You should be able to browse for the css file but if it will not open ...

... simply type the name of teh file in to the File/URL box.

If it is being a little stroppy you will get this message as I did but it works anyway so click on "Yes".

You should now have your page back as it was before. So why do it? It is the next pages that will be connected to the same css file that is the important part of all this.

Remove the css from the next web page, but this time you do not have to make a file, just delete the css.

Link the web page to the same css file as before ...

... and all of the formatting has returned.

Repeat this for all of your pages and you will have well-ordered consistent pages, ewxactly as the examiner requires.


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