Audience and Purpose

A web product is a self-contained and designed product which is viewed in a browser and hosted on the web or on an intranet. It may be linked from a parent website and include visual links such as a logo, which make users aware of this. You need to know that the key to producing a successful web product is to be clear about its purpose from the outset. This may be to:

  • convey a message (e.g. a campaign)
  • attract attention (e.g. advertising)
  • inform (e.g. educational webpages)
  • persuade (e.g. to buy something)
  • entertain (e.g. quizzes and online games).

You need to know who the target audience is so that the web product meets their needs. This may include:

  • who will use the product, e.g. age, gender
  • how much they know already
  • their level of literacy/language skills
  • what they want from the product and what will get them to look further.


Use the bullet points at the start of this page to help you to write the "Audience and Purpose" of the website. Add this text to a new page of your site called "Client_brief".


Create a logo for your client. The finished logo must not be more than 150 pixels by 150 pixels.



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