Sort of Duck (Not) shooting Game

This guide has been designED to help you create a more complicated game. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to create an interesting set of effects.

Use the left and right keys as well as the mouse to keep your duck safe. The notes for this game rely on you being able to use Scratch quite well. If you are unsure about how something is done then refer to the previous projects or better still look in your notes.

Stage 1 - Adding flying creatures

The object of this game is to shoot at the parrots while missing the duck. If you shoot the duck, you lose the game.

First find the duck sprite and add it to your project and remove the cat sprite.

Add a parrot to your game. The parrot has two costumes so make sure that you add them both.

Add a thread to make the parrot flap its wings.

Make both sprites smaller.

Add another thread to make the parrot fly constantly back and forth across the screen. Take care to make sure that the parrot does not fly on its back. (It is not a haggis.)

Change the thread slightly so that the starting position and direction of the parrot is chosen at random.

Duplicate the parrots so that there are five of them.

Add a suitable background.

2. Screenshot your project so far and describe how you added all of the flying creatures.


Stage 2 - The gun sight

Add a gun sight in the same way that you did for the tank game. make sure that you add the thread that makes the gun sight sprite follow the mouse pointer.

Add a thread to the first parrot that will make the parrot vanish (hide) when the gun sight is on it and the space bar is pressed. Copy this new thread to each of the other parrots.

Next add a sprite that is the gun itself; perspective dictates that both barrels will be appear smaller at the end. You need to draw this quite long as it will rotate to face the gun sight as the game progresses. Make sure that you draw the gun barrels facing to the left and this is the way that the sprite points. The gun is to point at the gun sight all the time.

2. Screenshot the project so far and explain how you added the gun sight and the gun barrels.


Stage 3 - projectiles

Create a projectile and use the costumes from the tank game to make the explosion.

Additionally, use the script thread from the tank game projectile to show the path of the projectile on its way to the position of the gun sight.

This is the gun barrel in action.


3. Screenshot the project so far and explain how you included the explosions.


Stage 4 - Shooting parrots not ducks

Now change the script for the parrot and the projectile so that when the projectile explodes it "broadcasts" "Hit" and when the parrot receives "Hit" it checks to see if it is in contact with the projectile; if it is it vanishes.

Add a variable called "Score". Improve the script for each parrot so that the score increases by 1 every time the parrots are shot, but decreases by 5 when the duck is shot.

Now make the game a little harder for the hunter by changing the score every time there is a shot. Edit the script for the projectile so that 0.2 is deducted every time the parrot hunter pulls the trigger.

4. Screenshot the project so far and explain how it keeps score.


Stage 5 - Adding a timer to the game

Next add a timer to the game that limits the game to 20 seconds.

Get the background to change to include the words "Game over" when the 20 seconds are up.

Make the duck say the score when the game is over.

5. Screenshot the project so far and explain how it keeps score.


Stage 6 - Extension

Limit the ammunition to 10 shots.

6. Screenshot the project so far and explain how you limited the ammunition.


Year 8 Extension

Create a harder level to be shown when all 5 parrots have been shot in the time allowed. This time there are more parrots but a second duck and the parrots move at different speeds.

7. Screenshot the project so far and explain how you made the next level.


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