Sort of animated greeting card

This guide has been designed to help you create a simple greeting card. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an interesting set of effects.

Use the New effects to make an interesting greeting card.

Stage 1 - Preparation

This activity is quite easy to do but the preparation is a little more involved than previous activities.

Your card will clearly have two (or more) pages, the from page and the inside page (or pages if you are going to be a little more inventive).

Firstly what sort of card are you going to make? Greeting card, congratulations card, Christmas card - you need to decide now.

Next you need to plan what your card is going to look like and what images you are going to add. Browse round the images in the costumes and choose a few that you might like to use; make a note of them so that you will know where to find them later.

You will have to plan for the from page and both inside pages when the card is opened.

I am going to have a squirrel saying the greeting, an arrow to open the page a cake and a happy birthday sign as well as a buffalo that says something else when the card is opened. I will add some sunglasses and a microphone for the buffalo to use; perhaps a hat as well.

Make a note of your design ideas in as a "mood board" in your Word document. (A "mood board" is simply a collection of images that you have used as inspiration or ideas for a project. You usually do not make use of all of the images or ideas and you may end up using ideas that had not originally thought about but it is a good starting point for a project..)

1. Make sure that you have included a mood board in your word document that covers all of the ideas that you "might" use in the finished card.


Stage 2 - Creation

So having decided on my design I can begin with the usual "File" and then "new" to make a new project.

Firstly I will concentrate on the backgrounds, the actual card upon which the various images and sections of text will be placed.

Click on the stage and then ...

... edit.

Now add the background of the front of the card. This needs to be quite plain as you will add all the decoration as sprites.

As it is the front of the card, just add half the page. Importantly don't go too near to the top of the stage so that you can draw the next page.

Now copy this background to act as the inside of the card.

Change this in some way and add the other page at an angle to represent the open card...

... press "OK". So now there is the the front of the card, "background1" and the inside of the card, "background2".

Click back on to the cat...

... and change it to be the sprite of your choice from your mood board...

...mine as I said is the squirrel.

Place the sprite in a suitable place. Note that I have changed the background to be the first page.

"Paint a new sprite" to get the greeting to go on your card...

... and place it in a suitable position for your card..

Now add something to tell the reader to open the card. I have an arrow with "click to open" on it that I have hand drawn. You can do better than this I am sure.

Then resize the arrow and its text to be suitable...

... and then place it on the card.

I want the arrow to change colour slightly

I have copied the arrow and then changed the colour ever so slightly in each of the copies.

Now I write a script to change the costumes...

... and this is the effect.

Next I want to be able to click on the arrow to make the background change i.e. I turn the page.

Add the block that says "When sprite is clicked" and then the broadcast block. make the message "change" This sends a message (change) to all the other threads...

... then go to the stage and add the two threads shown here, The "When green flag ticked" thread makes bakground1 the first background and then the "When I receive" block needs to listen for "change" and then switch to background 2.

Its not particularly smooth but that can be fixed in the extension at the end.

Now I am going to get the text (Happy Birthday) to move. There are two threads for this. The first makes the words move; you will have to use trial and error to find out what the values of x and y are. The second hides the words when it receives the instruction "change" i.e the page has changed.

Finally the squirrel is going to say "Happy birthday" like this..

You can add more features to the card, get colours to change, get sprites to move and get sprites to say (nice) things about or to the person.

Use the broadcast idea to get messages from one sprite to another.

2. Screenshot the front and the inside of your finished project and describe how you created it.


Stage 3 - Extension

Add the back of the greeting card as another background. Use a thread on the stage to control the card changing from page to page. You have created a background showing the right hand page flat and the left hand page raised, add another background so that when the mouse is on the right hand side of the screen then the right hand page is flat but when the mouse is on the left hand half of the screen then the left page is flat. You will need a script in the stage and another in a hidden sprite to control how the background looks.

3. Screenshot the back page of your finished project and describe how you created it.


Year 8 Extension

Extend your card idea so that it can become an 8 page story. A story with 8 pages not a massive essay; there will be a few sentences per page, or better still get a character to read the story using "say". The background will be suitable for the content of the story.

4. Screenshot all the pages of your finished project and describe how you created it.


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