Crab Game

This guide has been designed to help you create a simple game. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an interesting set of effects.

Stage 1 - Making the Background

Start a new Scratch project - "File" and then "New"

Click on the stage ...

Click on "Backgrounds" then "import"...

... choose the "Nature" folder ...

... then the "beach-malibu" background. Press OK.

You can delete the white background.

1. Screenshot your project so far and describe adding the background.


Stage 2 - Making "Anna"

Click on "Choose new sprite from file"...

... choose the "People" folder ...

... then choose "anna-1". Press "OK".

You should delete the cat; right click on it and select "Delete".

4. Screenshot your project so far and describe adding "Anna".


Stage 3 - Making "Anna" move

Now add the following blocks of code (threads) to Anna.

Drag "When space key pressed" into the script area and change "Space" to be "Up arow".

Add the two code blocks "point in direction" (and change the direction to 0 - up) and "move 10 steps".

Add similar code blocks for the other three directions; left. right and down.

Make sure that you change the settings for "Anna" so that she does not rotate.

3. Screenshot your project so far and describe making "aNNA" MOVE.


Stage 4 - Making the crab

Add the crab sprite to the game. Click on "Choose a new sprite from file"...

... the go to the "Animals" folder...

... and the chose "crab1-a". Press "OK".

Resize the crab sprite by right clicking on the crab and using the slider to make the crab smaller.

4. Screenshot your project so far and describe ADDING THE CARB.


Stage 5 - Keeping score

Now make a variable for the crab to keep score. Click on "Variables" then "Make a variable" then type in "score" then press "OK".

Now add this code block to the crab and you should be able to try and dodge it on the beach.

Save your project as "Crab game".

5. Screenshot your project so far and describe MAKINGTHE CRAB CHASE "aNNA".


Stage 6 - Extension

Use the additional costumes for Anna and the crab to animate these characters. Make sure that "Anna" jumps up and down when she is "nipped" by the crab. Hint: Anna has 3 costumes and the crab has 2 costumes.

6. Screenshot your project so far and describe including the changes listed above.


Year 8 Extension work.

It might be possible to make the characters change size as the game progresses or add another crab if the game gets beyond 10 seconds or add other people that move at random or play the crab and let Anna be run by the game or all of these things.

7. Screenshot your project so far and describe including the changes listed above.

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