This guide has been designed to help you create a simple game. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an interesting set of effects.

Stage 1 - Making the butterfly

Start a new Scratch project - "File" and then "New"

Delete the cat; right click on it and select "Delete"

Select "Choose new sprite from file" and ...

... from animals select "Butterfly 3"

It looks like this.

1. Screenshot your project so far and describe removoing the cat and adding the butterfly sprite.


Stage 2 - Adding effects

Add a script to the butterfly. Start with "When green flag clicked".

Then add "set colour effect by" ...

Now put the "set colour effect" in a "forever" loop.

Change the colour effect to "Whirl".

Change the "0" to be "mouse x"

This is the effect that you will get as you move the mouse about the page.

Screenshot your project so far and describe adding effects to a sprite.

Now add another script item "set colour effect" to the script and make it change the colour to "mouse y".

Add another "When green flag clicked" to start a new thread. Technical point: each new script for the same sprite is called a thread.

This time add "glide 3 secs to x: y:" and make the x and y positions mouse x and mouse y.

This is the effect that you can make.

Save the project as "Butterfly".

2. Screenshot your project so far and describe adding one of the effects to the butterfly.



Extend the project to add a suitable background and another butterfly incoporating different effects. Make the second butterfly glide at a different speed to the first.

3. Screenshot your project so far and describe including the changes listed above.


Year 8 Extension

Extend the project with two butterflies (made a little smaller) so that when they touch, the type of effects changes.

4. Screenshot your project so far and describe including the changes listed above.


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