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Understand and explain the term algorithm.   An algorithm is a sequence of steps that can be followed to complete a task. Be aware that a computer program is an implementation of an algorithm and that an algorithm is not a computer program.
Understand that more than one algorithm can be used to solve the same problem.    
Compare the efficiency of algorithms explaining how some algorithms are more efficient than others in solving the same problem.   Formal comparisons of algorithmic efficiency are not required. Exam questions in this area will only refer to time efficiency.




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3.1 Fundamentals of algorithms

3.2 Programming

3.3 Fundamentals of data representation

3.4 Computer systems

3.5 Fundamentals of computer networks

3.6 Fundamentals of cyber security

3.7 Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society, including issues of privacy

3.8 Aspects of software development

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Glossary of computing terms.

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