Here are all the activities and exercises that will develop your understanding of the content of the course. I will highlght the command words so that you can use the OCR advice to guide your answers.

The activities will be in reverse order with the most recent at the top and the first activity at the bottom.

22/09/16 - Review social media strategy

Firstly reviewing your choice of website - how would you analyse a website?

I have asked you to add your work to the hand-in folder and then it will be added here. You can now see all the answers that everyone has written and can cherry pick the best ideas. I have also added a range of lainks and images that will be useful as well as templates that can be used to write a formal report of your findings. In pairs agree on a strategy and both write the formal report.

16/09/16 - Social media strategy

You are the chief information officer (CIO (A CIO is responsible really for all of the computing and IT policy decisions of the charity.)) of a small not-for profit charity; you think that you need a social media campaign to get your charitable message across to the widest possible international audience. Analyse the social media sector and write a policy document that explains what your campaign might look like, how it would be managed, both the benefits and drawbacks and a conclusion.

There are links to useful sites that you may find helpful at the bottom of the page. Here are some additional resources (videos and links) to help you. Of course you will find your own sources to add to your analysis. All of the sources that you have used must be included in an appendix to your work please.

Clip 1.

The clip describes itself as SMO Services runs on the variety of ways of help our clients achieve an effective internet marketing advertising campaign. Social media is a robust marketing tactic that provides benefits beyond the features of seo and ppc. In the next three minutes we'll list advantages of social media and how it can benefit your company reach clients. Utilizing a blog, companies can easily establish themselves as professionals within their industry. A blog page features as a company's public homepage which factors to each social system where they publish their articles. A diverse assortment of social systems beyond simply Facebook, countless Google queries take place each day, but if people haven't heard of your company, then they'll never discover the value of your products. Unless your product is compatible with sociable sites, you will miss out on the value of social marketing. Sites and social platforms are designed to be shared, discussed, and bookmarked. Only social media marketing can provide constant updates to your fans, fans, and subscribers. Using constant communication through sites and social networks you will reach customers that would have never performed a Google search for your products. Our social media marketing packages include the following features: 

- Social account setup of all major social networks and also relevant minor social networks.

- Constant reputation management of social networks, blogs, review sites, discussion boards, websites, and directories.

- A custom wordpress blog designed to mirror the look of your website.

- Custom made video clips that are distributed on your blog, social bookmarking sites, and video sharing websites such as YouTube.

This sociable outreach is an excellent way to put your products and services in front side of a customer at the critical point of sale. SEO Solutions is a full service online marketing agency specializing in pay per click, search engine optimization, and social media marketing to help you compete on the internet and win.

Clip 2.

Clip 3.

This clip is quote long so use the slider to find facts that might be useful in your analysis.

Clip 4.

Loud and brash but the points it makes are good.

Clip 4.

A little bit Australian but ...

Homework. Select a website and see if you can analyse it.

13/09/16 - Static vs Dynamic websites

Just to start off and get used to the way that OCR works, use the OCR meaning of "analyse" from the list of command verbs, (Separate information into components and identify their characteristics. Discuss the pros and cons of a topic or argument and make reasoned comment.) and "analyse the difference between Static and Dynamic websites". If this was an examination question are you providing the examiner with the right information? Have you identified the similar and disimilar characteristics of differernt types of websites? Have you "discussed" (Give an account that addresses a range of ideas and arguments) both the pros and cons of each type of website? Have you concluded with a decision as to which is best?

When you have completed this, imagine you run a small charity and want to have a website, make an informed choice of either a static or dynamic website and "justify" (Present a reasoned case for actions or decisions made) your selection.

You need to get used to the type of answer that each command word suggests that you must supply. If you miss pieces out you will lose marks in the examination.